Victory Briefs seeks to make debate camp available to all students regardless of their background and financial situation, where possible and as our funds allow. To that end, Victory Briefs provides limited discretionary discounts to some families who qualify for a scholarship. Scholarship awards will be distributed on a first-come-first-served basis until available funds are exhausted. In 2016 Victory Briefs offered about $80,000 in tuition assistance. 

Victory Briefs Scholarships are awarded based on demonstrated financial need, dedication to debate, and a student's contribution to a diverse and welcoming educational environment. 

To complete an application, we require letters from the student, a parent/guardian, and coach. The letter from the parent should indicate the level of need (including the amount of financial aid being sought) and scanned tax forms (1040 forms and either W2s or 1099s) for the past two years for both (two) parents/guardians; the letter from the coach/teacher should indicate work ethic, leadership, skill, and contribution to classroom environment; the letter from the student should indicate why attending VBI is important to them. Letters must be sent via email to Requests for aid will be considered on an individual rolling basis.             

In your letter, please indicate any and all sessions the student is able to attend. We know that VBI is a valuable experience for our students regardless of location. Because we have limited scholarships available for each program, you may not be awarded funds for your first choice program.  

Upon receiving your application, we will ask you to register for camp and will waive the $500 deposit. We aim to notify applicants with a decision within six weeks.

We highly recommend applying for financial assistance in attending debate camp from other organizations, especially the Voices Foundation, which helps many students attend VBI each year.