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Our instructors come from all over the country and specialize in all aspects of LD. The highest levels of success in LD require knowledge of analytic philosophy, public policy, critical theory, and debate theory, in addition to mastery of fundamental and technical debate skills. No camp in the country can match our staff's expertise in any, let alone all, of those areas. From longtime coaches, experienced classroom teachers, and intercollegiate policy debaters to philosophy doctoral candidates, high school team captains, and the most successful recent debaters from all over the country, the VBI staff is best equipped to help you achieve your debate potential.

VBI is the most diversified camp. They hire instructors strategically so they have the ability to teach a very wide variety of concepts to the kids who attend. No matter what you want to improve on, VBI will have the resources you need.
— VBI LA Student (Tambe/Tartakovsky Lab)

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