What is Dine with a Mind?

Dine with a Mind is where students can sign up, either individually or in groups, for a meal with a specific instructor. During the meal, students can ask the instructors about various subject areas related to debate. Learn more about Dine with a Mind here

How can i sign up for Dine with a Mind? 

You can sign up for Dine with a Mind in the Office. There will be a sign-up sheet that tells you which instructors are available during which dates and meals. 

Can I sign up for multiple Dine with a Minds? 

Yes! Feel free to sign up for as many Dine with a Minds as you would like. However, do not sign up for the same instructor twice on the same day. 

Can I request an instructor who is not listed on the sign up sheet? 

Yes! Feel free to message your division coordinator on Remind to request a particular instructor for Dine with a Mind or simply approach the desired staff member and ask them to Dine with a Mind.