VBI strives to hire instructors and serve students from all backgrounds, circuits, and idealogical persuasions. There is no one "VBI style" of debate. Instead, we believe that debaters learn the most from exposure to a diverse array of viewpoints. That is why we bring together coaches who disagree and have different backgrounds. 

Last year, students from 36 states and over 250 schools attended VBI. That is because coaches, parents, and students across the country trust VBI more than any other summer program. The VBI model works, on every circuit, and at every level. 

Regardless of whether you prefer to debate on the local or national circuits, whether you are more interested in traditional or progressive styles, or whether you are partial to highly philosophical or more public policy-focused approaches to debate, we think you deserve a debate education designed to meet each student's unique needs. Our instructors have coached students to success, or achieved success themselves, on every circuit and with every style. That’s why our students have won 11 Tournament of Champions, 10 National Speech and Debate Association championships, 10 National Catholic Forensic League titles, and countless state tournaments across the country.  Each of those tournaments requires a unique set of skills and our students have excelled across the board. 

The Cowger/Nebel/Theis/Quiroz lab gets to know each other on the first day of VBI Chicago. 

The Cowger/Nebel/Theis/Quiroz lab gets to know each other on the first day of VBI Chicago. 

As a result, every student at VBI is able to find instructors who are experts in the type of debate concepts and strategies they are want to learning more about, and students from across the country who share their interests. The diversity of the VBI family also means that students (and staff) are constantly exposed to new and unique perspectives, challenging their views, improving critical thinking, and helping them discover what they truly believe. 


If you want to go to a camp where you can find an instructor who will be skilled in whatever form of debate you can think of, VBI is for you. This camp goes leaps and bounds before any other LD debate camp in terms of staff and has so much to offer. I learned more in these 2 weeks than most of my career.
— Sean Fahey