Welcome to victory boats


Victory Boats is a winter debate camp designed for debaters looking for a competitive edge for the Jan/Feb LD Topic. It is a two week cruise that departs December 19, 2018 from Tampa, FL and returns January 3, 2019. It is an incredible innovative camp experience where students receive high-quality debate instruction during the day and get to spend time with their family at night, and all while on a cruise through the Bahamas! 


Victory Boats operates out of a cruise line through the Bahamas. Students and their family can make the most of their winter break by going on a cruise together while the student is instructed in debate. Each day, students and staff will wake up early and learn about debate and the Jan/Feb LD Topic. Each morning will be composed of modules, or electives, that students can choose from and learn more about debate in general or the specific topic. Then we will break for lunch served by the cruise, and spend the remaining afternoon in lab where practice debates, lectures, and drills will occur. Lab will conclude around 5:30 and the dinner will be served. Students are then released back into the supervision of their parents for the remainder of the evening for them to enjoy the cruise and their vacation. 


Price of tuition does not cover the cruise ticket. Those must be purchased separately.